Wednesday, April 8


"No need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies.
My brain & my heart are my temples;
my philosophy is kindness"

Dalai Lama

Wednesday, March 25


Although the last post is dated 2006,
I've been writing feverishly

The electrical storm is eternal,

It's given birth to a song
to kiss 2006

It's now generating creative pulses on FM airwaves

The electrical storm is eternal pleasant electrical shocks to
systems saturated with stagnation.....

stay tuned.....stay tuned

Tuesday, November 7

Colliding Galaxies

volatile reactions

marvelous creations

forces competing in science's beauty pageant

Tuesday, January 10


"do u remember the first time?"

this time
they would make love
with more than their voices

Friday, July 15


i will never understand
how you disregard human life,
how you hurt the innocent,
without guilt,
without remorse,
without flinching.

i will never comprehend
a belief in a god
who would demand
or condone

i will never understand
i will never comprehend
the chaos in your body and mind


Bring out the wine glasses to toast a new attraction in "The Mind's Playground"

After almost a year in the blog universe, my creation has transformed. Once an account of my city, my baseball team, and political/ medical/ social issues, it evolved into a thriving playground of creativity. A place to share my artistic endeavors with the world! (gracias to all who take the time to read this humble blog and special thanks to my international readers - i'm so flattered to have you)

Recently, I came to the conclusion it would be best to give my creative writings a place of their own. Thus the birth of " WordPlay"....a subsidiary of "The Mind's Playground"....where I'll post old and new poems.

Lift your glass in the air.......Salud! Cheers!
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